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Weather Graphs

Unofficial snowfall and snow base depth readings.


  •  Sick of not knowing how much snow there is in your favourite snow resort?
  •  Want to know what is really on the ground?
  •  Don't understand the figures put out by resort management or official bureaus?

This site may be just for you. No experts, no special places for measurements, no scientific technical equipment.
Measurements are made by on-snow staff telling it as they see it.

"There are lies, damned lies, and then there are statistics."
- attributed to Benjamin Disraeli by Mark Twain

Measurements may and probably will include man made snow, windblown snow and may be subject to wind
erosion, rain fall, avalanches, slips and slides, wombats and other natural and unnatural sources and causes.

But, hey, it doesn't matter. You ski and board on what is on the ground so we report what is on the ground.

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